About Me

I don’t have style — I have fun!

About Me

The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words. Everyone realizes why a new common language would be desirable: one could refuse to pay expensive translators.

What I Do

To an English person, it will seem like simplified English, as a skeptical Cambridge friend of mine told me what Occidental is. The European languages are members of the same family.

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I've never wanted to be a one trick pony so I've tried mt hand in a wide variety of photography. My focus lies in weddings and yachts but I'm not scared of anything.
From business cards to giant banners, no design project is too much for me to handle. I even dabble in web design.
Star Wars Questions
I'll be honest... I am a huge Star Wars fan. I'm everyone's favorite Star Wars nerd. So, if you have anything you'd like to discuss, I'm the guy.